Store Design & Merchandising

MTC employs a full-time merchandising staff to service our customer needs. In conjunction with CCS, our merchandisers can take the layout of your store and maximize the space, traffic flow, and store efficiencies. With the use of PowerSell, we’re able to bring you the top selling items in all categories.

Our MTC Full Service and Five Star Program helps you at the time of delivery and beyond!

Merchandisers are MTC employees who come to your store and help with the making sure that product you just purchased is gets presented to your customers in ‘ready to be sold’ top shape!  Our employees will come to your store and help put away your product at the time of the delivery and stock and face it for you!  Our staff will also call into Customer Service for you and assist in any the credit and return process, allowing you to spend more time with your consumers and business! 

Layout your plan to high profits with us! MTC offers Store Redesigns and Resets.

Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel will come and evaluate your business’s selling space to maximize your retail sales and gross profit.

With our Redesigns and Resets you will see better and increased:

  • Traffic Flow
  • Related Product Sales
  • Cross Merchandising
  • Impulse Buys
  • Planned Purchases

Store Setup and Reset Services we offer!

  • New Store Setup- Let us help you and your business start off right! From the design and layout of the store to the order of your instore shelves, we help you map out your selling space to better maximize your profits, from your first sale to your millionth.  We even assist in writing your opening order, helping you with that crucial first steps of your new store!
  • Store Revamp/Reset – Using the existing space, we assist in making sure your business and products are still top sellers. By working with you, we rearrange and add shelving to help you better control store traffic to items that have known to sell in categories such as candy, snacks, health/beauty and cosmetics, groceries, pastry, and auto.
  • ‘Fluff n’ Buff’ – A small scale rearrangement of existing sections that allows you to quickly see the higher profits and smoother traffic in your business.