As MTC Distributing grows, so does the need for new locations to better facilitate our growth. 

We are expanding our Stoddard Road location to include a 40,000 sq ft cold storage facility for holding refrigerated fresh and frozen foods to better meet the demands of our customers. This addition will give us the advantage we need to guarantee we will always have a huge selection of products to offer at affordable prices.

In 2014 MTC opens it’s doors on it’s state of the art Training & Event Center. The center is complete with a full test kitchen, convenience store, conference rooms & luncheon hall. 

MTC Warehouse Building

In 2001, MTC moved to our current ultra-modern distribution facility at 4900 Stoddard Road in Modesto. This warehouse provides the next generation of innovative services that our customers have grown so accustomed to over the years.

In 1983, MTC moved to 1573 Cummins Drive. This building was in use until 2001. The building still exists.

In the late 60’s, MTC moved yet again, this time to 761 Kearney Avenue, next to the central Post Office at the time. This building still stands and is owned by Steve Eakin, Tom Eakin’s brother. Cal-Pak Systems, Inc., the software company owned by MTC was born in this building.

In 1951, MTC moved into a newly built warehouse.

MTC H Street Building

Warehouse, H Street, circa 1940.