Did you know?

MTC offers innovation in Food Service for convenience stores.

Our Food Service personnel and sales staff are trained in our over 40 Food Service programs, equipment and their uses, giving you the expert advice you need for your business.  Our dedicated staff come to your store by appointment with samples and demonstrations to identify opportunities in your store and determine what exclusive Food Service and equipment programs will work for you and your customer base.

Once part of our Food Service and equipment programs, our team will help train you and your staff on proper prep and presentation of the products, as well as help prepare a pricing report to help maximize your profits.

We always strive to remain current with the latest trends and recipes in the convenience store and QSR market.  We work with manufactures in getting additional training on selling our already trusted products and while also keeping a look out for new programs and items to offer.   Our onsite training center allows us to meet with our vendors for demonstrations for new and existing programs. 

MTC has a full catalog of Food Service equipment available. As well as produce & menu guides to ensure you are making the most of your Food Service programs. Stay up-to-date on the latest products & recipes. We’re committed to growing your Food Service programs and can help every step of the way.

Grouping of Food Service Guides

To help you be a part of that growth, become one of our many customers enjoying our wide range of Food Service and equipment programs. 

We offer exclusive Food Service and equipment programs in the following categories:

  • Fresh Chicken
  • Cheese Dispensers
  • Ice Cream – Freezers
  • Hot, Cold & Frozen Beverage Dispensers
  • Coffee & Creamers Equipment
  • Coolers & Warmers
  • Fryers – Grills – Ovens
  • Kettle & Steamers
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Roller Grills

And More!

If you are interested in learning more about our Food Service and equipment programs, reach out to a Sales Representative or call our Customer Service Department for more information!