Fresh Foods

Food safety is a top priority. MTC can handle your cold chain logistics. We maintain guidelines and monitor temperatures of food products essential to food safety and product quality. MTC’s delivers in highly efficient ways through the use of systematic processes throughout our cold chain.

Much of this is done through our business management and integrating the use of GPS, and other readily available technologies in tracking, monitoring and validating the process and movement of key temperature sensitive products in real time.

We ensure an uninterrupted flow of a temperature-controlled shipment from the manufacturer through the entire cold chain process. This requires knowledge and control of the shipping environment, packaging, duration of the shipment(s) and critical control points throughout the process.

Product is inspected for quality, damage and temperature (if appropriate) before being accepted at any point during the delivery process. Perishable product is moved immediately from the truck into the appropriate temperature zone into the store.

Products that break the cold chain will be put to the side and will be returned to the MTC warehouse for disposal. We never sell a returned refrigerated/ready-to-eat product.